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ABIQUIFI - Brazilian Industry Association of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

The Association was founded in 1983 to represent and defend the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceuticals industry. At the beginning of 2010, it also represented companies engaged in the production of pharmaceutical adjuvants, non-active pharmaceutical inputs and service providers in the sector.
Aiming to bring the association closer to the companies in the sector, in 2018 Abiquifi moved the headquarters of Rio de Janeiro to the city of São Paulo.

The main objective of Abiquifi is to stimulate production, technological development and exports of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients manufactured in Brazil.
Given the nature of the provider of the drug segment, the entity brings together the various links in this chain, promoting internationalization, research and development actions and working with the sanitary control and promotion agencies.

Abiquifi's mission is to defend and promote the interests of associated production companies and sectors that it represents, in a general way, with government agencies and public administration, both directly and indirectly, at federal, state and municipal levels, and promote inter -relating to other related agencies globally.
In addition, the entity collaborates with responsible bodies to deliberate on commercial transactions as technical-scientific consultants, assisting in the study and solution of problems concerning similarity, specifications of use, sanitary regulation and taxation, among others.


Ibirapuera Av. 2.144 / Set 72
Indianopolis – São Paulo, SP, 04028-000
Tel: +55 (11) 2638-4487

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