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Brazil-Iran Business Round


Brazil-Iran Business Round

Business Round  Brazil - Iran held the seminar "Partners in Health: Improving Cooperation for Trade and Innovation in the Drug Area" on October 30, 2017 in Tehran. The event was co-organized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME), with the participation of a Brazilian governmental and business delegation. There were also business roundtables sponsored by ABIQUIFI in partnership with Apex-Brasil.

They integrated the Brazilian delegation to ANVISA, FINEP, Aché, Extrasul and the companies Cristália and Nortec Química that were represented by the participants of ABIQUIFI. And from the Embassy of Brazil in Tehran, Mr. Álvaro Gavani and Mrs. Ana Maria Sena were present, who accompanied the mission and the Exmo. Mr. Rodrigo Azeredo. On the Iranian side, representatives from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the counterpart of ANVISA; Innovation and Prosperity Fund (IPF); Human Pharma Industry Owners Syndicate; MoHME; Cinnagen; as well as their advisors and representatives from 40 other Iranian companies.

The event highlighted recent advances in the bilateral relationship between Brazil and Iran, the industrial park installed in the drug sector in both countries, the common interest in diversifying the bilateral trade agenda and the key role that the pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals sector can play in this sense.

Considering technological advances and skilled labor in both countries, the potential and opportunity to support and foster joint projects in innovation, both in the development of new products and in marketing strategies, including for third countries, was highlighted.

The role of the respective regulatory agencies, innovation support mechanisms and private sector capacities of each country was illustrated. On July 31, representatives of ANVISA, ABIQUIFI, Aché and Extrasul visited two of the most advanced Iranian drug factories: Actoverco and Cinnagen in the immediate vicinity of Tehran.

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