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Exclusive Webinar


Exclusive Webinar

EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR - "The National Institutes of Health as a Technology Development and Commercialization Partner"

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Total duration of the event: 1 hour

Abiquifi in partnership with NIH - The National Institutes of Health - will hold a webinar for all members of the BPH Project for the first time. The event will feature the presentation of Dr. Michael Salgaller, leader of the Invention Development and Marketing Unit of the Technology Transfer Center of the National Cancer Institute.

The event is free and Dr. Michael Salgaller will open his presentation for questions and answers.

Get to know more about the NIH:

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is much more than the world's largest basic scientific research institute. The NIH is also open for business - for the healthcare industry to work with a thought leader, overcome a technology and knowledge gap and put their products on the market. It is the largest provider of research tools in the world at low cost.

Its mission includes accelerating and promoting economic development and working with companies to positively impact their chances on capital investment, on merger and acquisition targets, for example.

Learn more about the lecturer:

Dr. Michael Salgaller leads the Invention Development and Marketing Unit at the National Cancer Institute's Technology Transfer Center where he has 20 years of business experience in various life sciences to support the development and commercialization of technology. Previously, he provided technical and strategic expertise to The Conafay Group, a Washington DC-based government affairs company - leading alliances and funding efforts. He is a longtime industry executive who has held various positions in professional biotechnology service companies. In addition, he was in the investment team of Toucan Capital, a $ 120 million venture capital company focused on life sciences, where he guided the formation of companies and helped increase their funding.

He began his career as a Senior Scientist on the Team with Dr. Steve Rosenberg at the National Cancer Institute, where he supervised a laboratory developing immunotherapies for patients with terminal cancer.

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