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Outreach Asia Mission


Outreach Asia Mission

The mission of Outreach is an action directed to companies that aim to establish commercial / technological partnerships with companies from other countries and attract investments to Brazil.
At the beginning of December 2018, we will organize this action for Asia (Japan and South Korea) with the participation of Apex-Brasil and ANVISA.

The mission will take place from December 3 to 7, 2018:

3 to 5 - Japan
6 and 7 - South Korea

The agenda is being organized by Apex-Brasil, ANVISA, Kotra, KHIDI, MHLW Japan and Brazilian Pharma & Health.

As representatives of ANVISA, they will:

Alessandra Bastos Soares, Director of Marketing Authorization
Ana Carolina Moreira Marino Araújo, Adviser to the Directory of Marketing Authorization
Patrícia Tiana Pacheco Lamarão, Deputy Director of Institutional Management
Leandro Rodrigues Pereira, General Manager of Medical Devices Technology
Bianca Zimon Giacomini Ribeiro, Coordinator of International Cooperation

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