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BIO International Convention 2018


BIO International Convention 2018


Abiquifi - Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Products Industry held a fourth year in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the BIO Convention, from June 04 to 07, 2018 in Boston, United States.

BIO Convention is the world's largest biotechnology event, and in 2018 it had 18,828 participants from 67 countries.
According to the organization of the fair, there were more than 46,916 meetings in the Partnering-one-on-one system, with more than 1,800 exhibitors and more than 1,000 speakers during the 180 sessions, and for that reason, the 2018 edition of BIO joined the Guinness World Record as the world's largest business partnering event!
In addition, this edition also had special development since it was unhindered in partnership with the Apex-Brasil Investment Directorate.
The action began to be understood as an action of Attraction of Investments, unlike the other international fairs, understood as Actions of International Promotion. In this sense, participation in the BIO Convention of 2018 gained a new body and had new proposals and objectives, now aimed at attracting foreign direct investment to the country and not only the international and commercial promotion of participating companies - denoting a great strategic factor to the event.
In addition to the Brazilian Pavilion, the agenda of the Brazilian presence was composed by the III Summit Brazil, event premiered in its third edition in 2018 and by three technical visits in research centers of multinational companies operating in Brazil.
The Brazilian delegation with about 150 members can enjoy the Brazilian pavilion, an area ideally designed so that the members of the 49 participating companies could receive their clients, hold meetings, and interact with the other participants of the fair in a very comfortable and functional area.
Of the 150 participants, 121 were representatives of companies operating in Brazil and 29 were representatives of governmental entities.


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